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Cage of Bones

Into the house. Down the stairs. Through the dripping dark of the cellar. Someone is there. Someone who shouldn't be there...

As a building awaits demolition, a horrifying discovery is made inside the basement: a cage made of human bones, with a terrified, feral child lurking within. Unbeknown to DI Phil Brennan and psychologist Marina Esposito, they have disturbed a killer who has been operating undetected for thirty years. A killer who wants that boy back.

But the cage of bones is also a box of secrets. Secrets linking Brennan to the madman in their midst. With the death toll rising and the city reeling in terror, Brennan and Marina race to expose a predator more soullessly evil than they've ever faced—one who is hiding in plain sight.

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Sphere (UK), paperback, September 2011, ISBN: 9780751545258
Pegasus (US), hardcover, February 2013, ISBN: 9781605984063

Cage of Bones US


"Keep the lights on for this one. Carver has delivered another utterly terrifying, yet believable chiller"
   —Daily Mirror

"Carver's expert timing is aided by her prose: deceptively laconic but with a constant forward push. Everything, it turns out, is done for a reason."

"For thriller fans, Cage of Bones is a must, but be warned, it ain't pretty"
   —Irish Sunday Independent

"If you're looking for an intelligent and well-presented novel, numerous twists and turns and great character representation then look no further"
   —Milo's Rambles